How To Choose Perfect Badminton Racket Grip – Latest Guide

Every badminton racket comes with its own grip which is not comfortable most of the time. Therefore many people use additional grip for their rackets so during the game they don’t face any issue in grip or mostly racket slips because of sweat on their palm which makes your racket very slippery.

how to choose perfect badminton grip

On the other hand grip is a key feature for any badminton racket whether you are beginner or professional because sometimes bad or uncomfortable grip may harm your hand and it definitely affects your game play.  

Type Of Badminton Racket Grips

Basically there are three types of badminton Grips as given below. Choose only those grips which are comfortable according to your hand size and sweaty hands.

1. PU Replacement Grip

PU (Polyurethane) Replacement grip is used to replace original grip which comes with every badminton racket. Default grip which comes with rackets is very thin and not able to absorb sweat therefore they are not good for your performance and it can absorb heavy shock also that’s why if you want more thicker grip with PU technology then go with this PU replacement Grip.  

This grip has proper cushions which make it much more easy to hold and comfortable for your hand. These grips are thicker than PU Over grip. This Grip is better for Power Gameplay because if you have a thick grip then your hand can properly cover full handle and equal force will be released which makes your shot more powerful.

2. PU Over Grip

PU (Polyurethane) Over Grip is a small addition in the width of the racket handle. These grips are used for overlapping original grip or replacement grips because they have thin strips and low cushioning then other grips. It is helpful for players that don’t prefer thick handles. 

As you can understand from its game, it is used to cover default grip or replacement grip. This is thinner than replacement grip therefore you can use this grip in control gameplay or in doubles. OverGrip helps you in defence and control of your game because you can easily move rackets in whichever direction you want easily and quickly.

3. Towel Grip

As you can easily understand from its name that it is made from cloth with sweat absorb technology. These grips are used for large width addition in handles which make rackets little heavier than others which is also useful for playing from 3rd Court. Most players’ palms are very sweaty so they can’t use PU technology products. 

They only prefer towel grips because of extra sweating problems but this grip is also very comfortable and soft for hands.This grip is useful for players which have sweaty hands and more thicker handles without using double grips than this is the best option for those people. 

Point To Remember

  1. Before choosing any grip make sure that your palm size is comfortable with that grip.
  2. Use cushion wraps for precision width increase according to your needs.
  3. PU replacement grips are costlier than PU Overgrips because replacement grip is more thicker than overgrips.

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In badminton, there are many other key equipment which need to be perfect but grip is basic and main equipment because it directly contacts your racket and if you are not comfortable with your racket you can’t hold your racket properly therefore it may affect your game performance. If you have any suggestions or queries use our Contact Us page. 

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