Best Badminton Kit Bag | 2020 Review

Badminton has a much essential product but the kit bag is one of the most important products for every badminton player because it helps them keep their all essential equipment safe and clean. It helps them to carry every needed product like best badminton racket, shoes, shuttlecock, wristband, grip, water bottle, etc.

If you are looking for the most durable and best quality badminton kit bag for your daily badminton practices then you must go with a branded product that is safe to carry your expensive badminton equipment.

Given below are top badminton kit bags for every level of players.

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionPrice
1.Yonex Pro 6 Pack Racquet BagThis kit bag comes with tour edition therefore it helps you to carry your 6 best frame your tournament or for a family outing. This is a very spacious and highly durable kit bag which is very easy to carry. Check Price
2.Babolat Backracq Badminton x8Babolat is a leading brand in sports equipment like Yonex. In this bag, you can carry your 8 favorite frames which restored safely in this 73L kit bag and easy to carry on your shoulders. Check Price
3.Senston Badminton Racket BagSenston provides durability and good ventilation effect which keeps items ventilation. You can easily carry 4-6 badminton rackets in this bag. Check Price
4.Yonex 4926 Team Series Racket BagCapable of both badminton and tennis equipment. There is two large zippered compartments with thermo-guard lining to carry up to 6 rackets as well as other equipment. Comes with two different colors yellow and red. Check Price
5.Li Ning Badminton Racket Bag Double Compartment KitLi-Ning provides high-quality durable material which is highly recommended for professional as well as intermediate players. This kit bag is designed by experts with modern techniques according to the comfort of badminton. Check Price

Here is a detailed view of the products listed in the above table.

1. Yonex Pro 6 Pack Racquet Bag

Yonex Pro 6 Pack is the most durable with very spacious technology therefore, you can easily carry up to 6 badminton rackets with other essential equipment.

I suggest this racket at 1st position because of spacious technology and this kit bag comes with tour edition so, Yonex makes this kit bag very durable and trendy with its bold colors and bright accents.

This kit bag secures your frame during travel and there are temperature guard lining to protect racquets with separate badminton shoe space.

Yonex pro 6 pack badminton kit bag

Check Price

  • Highly durable and secure equipment during travel
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Backpack straps make for carrying easily
  • Tour Edition

Customer Review: Great bag, looks cool, spacious. I use it to hold 3 racquets and the other side for tennis balls, Gatorade, etc. Ricardo

2. Babolat Backracq Badminton Kit Bag x8

Babolate Backracq Badminton bag is dedicated to all levels of players. Its lightweight and long length give you high durability therefore you can easily carry your necessary gears with padded backpack straps.

I put this kit bag in second place because of its less sake for rackets. You can carry only your best 4-5 badminton rackets which are not required for many players but along with 4-5 best frames you can carry a towel, extra t-shirt, shoes, shuttlecock.

You also get external pockets for your extra necessary equipment like grips, medicine, shocks, watch, etc.

Babolat backracq racket bag

Check Price

  • Easy to carry
  • External Accessory pockets.
  • Padded backpack straps
  • Large main compartment / Shoe compartment

Customer Review: I like it very much I have 4 rackets they fit perfectly… it says it’s for 8 which I believe I might be able to hold if you don’t have much stuff. But have towel extra t-shirt for after I’m done the shuttlecock box snacks knee braces and the shoes make it pretty much full with little space left … so for 4 rackets its compact it’s great and looks good if you like a medium bag. rafi

3. Senston Badminton Racket Bag

Senston engages in sports for more than 4 years and they provide value for money products so that every type of player can easily buy in multiple colors. This badminton racket bag is suitable for both adults and teenagers.

After my analysis, this badminton kit bag has an amazing quality of lining and 2 compartments with providing extra room for 6 badminton rackets with other essential utilities like water bottle, shoes, shuttlecock, etc.

This badminton racket kit nag is value for money because it is cheaper than other branded kit bags because it also has a very good ventilation system which keeps items ventilation.

senston badminton racket bag

Check Price

  • Good Ventilation effect, keeping items ventilation
  • Made with Polyester (PU)
  • Large capacity with two main bags / three secondary bags
  • Suitable for badminton, tennis, squash and so on

Customer Review:

Fits 4 of my 27″ Prince racquets comfortably. It has one semi-divided miscellaneous pocket along the entire front and another smaller pocket (for a can of tennis balls and a bit more) accessed from the bottom which extends as a pouch into the racquet handle area of the first of two separate zipped tennis racquet holding compartments.

Although the padding is less (as in nonexistent), this bag is overall much more practical than my Head ATP racquet bag.

Are there much better bags with better padding, etc.? Yes, of course, but not anywhere near this price. 1 – d o t . C 0 M

4. Yonex 4926 Team Series Racket Bag

Yonex 4926 team series racket bags has the right amount of storage for practicing in court and easy to carry because it comes only with 2 main large zipper which is comfortable for 5 badminton racquets.

It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap and grabs handle which makes it easier to carry for with medium weight. So that you can carry a kit bag for your long journey.

It also give a different color option which helps you to match with your rackets and dress with look professional.

Yonex 4926 team series

Check Price

  • Two main large zipper
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with grab handle
  • Different color choice

Customer Review: Good bag. nayana parashar

5. Li-Ning Badminton Racket Bag Double

Li-Ning is the leading brand in badminton products after Yonex. Therefore, they also provide a badminton kit bag which is made of durable material that assures strength along with style.

I have two different compartments for your rackets and gears with make separate space for everything. So you can easily find your equipment easily.

You can on your shoulder because they provide foam adjustable shoulder straps to give equal support so you don’t any pressure while carrying.

Li- Ning badminton kitbags

Check Price

  • Two separate compartment
  • foam padded shoulder straps
  • High-quality durable material

Customer Review: The black and Gold Color is way different than the pic showed here. The bag is very small. Low quality plastic polymer fabric. seemingly feeble handle strap. Tried fitting shoes, Two Shuttle boxes, a water bottle, and two rackets and the bag was completely stuffed and was out of shape. Arpit Bhusar


I didn’t use all these products on my own but as a badminton player, I want to buy a perfect badminton racket for me and it is hard to among thousands of products. I suggest top products, It might help many of you. You can also suggest and ask for any queries by using or Contact Us Page.

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