Best Badminton Racket of 2020 | Buying Guide

Badminton is most played game around the world. Everyone knows about this game and love to play in their daily routine or as professionally and if you are a professional player or play daily then you must look for the best badminton racket for your better performance.

This Blog is to identify the best badminton racket of 2020 therefore, we also includes its accessories and make it easier for our readers to select one best product by themselves. There are many products which make you confused in selecting your perfect badminton racket and here we come to help you in finding you perfect badminton racket according to your need.

Editor Choice

As a professional badminton player, I want a flexible and balanced weight racket so that I can play singles as well as doubles with a single racket. According to me, Yonex Duora Z-Strike is the overall best badminton racket as per now.

However, if you are not sure about our 1st recommendation then our 2nd recommendation is Yonex Nanoray 900. This badminton racket is used by some of the Top 5 badminton players in the world.

#Best Badminton Racket with Price

1. Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoray 900 is an offensive as well as defensive racket. It give better performance, power, Speed and control. You can use this racquet in both game play singles as well as double because this is very light weight badminton rackets used by many international players like most famous Saina Nehwal.

Yonex nanoray 900 Badminton racket

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  • Weight/ Grip Size: 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
  • Frame: H.T. Graphite Nano-metric, Super HMG
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, X- Fullerene, Ultra PEF
  • Stringing Advice: 3U 19-24lbs, 2U 20-25lbs

Customer Review: Great doubles racket. Very good control. I play with 22 lbs. Good sweet spot. Mon&Arn

2. Yonex Duora Z-strike Badminton Racket

Yonex Duora Z-Strike badminton racket is specially made for power, boost, speed, and control, helping players s tactical upper hand on the court. This badminton rackets is most reviewed and purchased racket around the world. This racquet helps in strong Forehead smash, fast hand drive, quick hand ,etc.

Yonex Duora Z- strike badminton racket

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  • Weight/Grip Size: 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite, Neo CS Carbon Nanotube, Sonic Metal
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
  • String Advice: 3U 20-28lbs, 2U 21-29 lbs

Customer Reviews: Awesome bat… i have bg 66 at 26lbs… good feel, sound … it will take a while (3-4 games) to get used to playing with it… if you are presently playing with wider farmed bats… once that’s done it a great bat… good for singles and doubles… I play at club level.. Andy l.

3. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

Yonex Arcsaber 11 is top most racket in Arcsaber series of Yonex. This is overall good balanced racket which give more power and boost in your performance.

Yonex arcsaber 11

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  • Weight / Grip Size: 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5 , 2U (Ave.93g) G4,5
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite/ Nanometric, Sonic Metal
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
  • Stringing Advice: 3U 20-28lbs, 2U 21-29lbs

Customer Reviews: Perfect weight and tension of its string. I like the color, too. Really recommended to play badminton with this racket. Sutarto Antaredjo

4. Yonex Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoflare 800 is heavy head racket which make this racket very beneficial for doubles. this racket is even balanced but also very light from other rackets in nanoflare series.

Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G5,6
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite + M40X + HMG
  • Flex: STIFF
  • Stringing Advice: 3U (Ave.88g) 21-29lbs, 4U (Ave. 83g) 20-28lbs

Customer Reviews: This racket is not from USA and doesn’t have USA manufacturer warranty. Be Aware!. As the store where the racket will be shipped from for more information. Bhagya Chandregowda

5. Victor JetSpeed 12M Badminton Racket

Victor JetSpeed 12M new speed racket engineered with the advanced twin epoxy resin system. Most suitable racket for most players because of its 6.8 shaft lightness, comfort, speed, jet speed s 12 can make each hit faster and easier.

Victor Jetspeed 12A Badminton racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size : 3U/G5, 4U/G5
  • Frame: H.M.G + TERS + Hard Cored
  • Shaft: H.M.G + PYROFIL + TERS + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Jetspeed Series

Customer Reviews: it is simple one level stiffer and one level head heavier than brave sword 12. but it is still speed series. Kousou Otsuki

6. Yonex Voltric force II Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric For II badminton racket is very good for intermediate players. This racket is comes in both version unstrung and with strung. This is the top most racket in yonex voltric series.

Yonex Voltric Force II Badminton racket

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  • Weight/ Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5
  • Frame: H.M Graphite, Sound Filter, Nano-metric, Tungsten
  • Flex: Extra stiff Frame
  • Stringing Advice: 4U 20-27 lbs, 3u 20-28 lbs

Customer Review: It’s very good for intermediate player. Maybe good for advance player as well. I play 3 times a week i have no single issue or complaint for the racket. Easy to handle and good for smashing. Van Hruaia

7. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is the top most badminton racket in Yonex Nanoray series. This rackets helps you in quickness and speed with smashing power. The frame is thinner at the midway point at either side of the racket head.

Yonex Nanoray Z speed Badminton racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size: 3U (Ave.83g) G4,5 2U (Ave.93g) G4,5
  • Frame: H.M Graphite, Sonic Metal, Ex-HMG
  • Flex: Extra stiff
  • Stringing Advice: 3U 20-27 lbs, 2U 20-28 lbs

Customer Review: It’s a really nice racket…. but broke after using it for a month (played around 5-6 times)… I bought it strung at 26lbs. If you would like to buy it, i wouldn’t recommend going beyond 24lbs. Fei Wu

8. Li Ning Windstorm 72 Badminton Racket

Li Ling windstorm 72 badminton racket is built on the windstorm technology platform and is a super premium, ultra light weight racket with high string tension capability. This help for players that enjoy rapid reaction times and fast racket speeds.

Li ling Windstorm 72 badminton racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size: 72 gram / small 3 1/8″
  • Balance Point: 315mm
  • String tension capacity: Vertical 24-28lbs| horizontal 26-30 lbs
  • Shaft Flex: Flexible

Customer Review: I like this super lightweight racket. It’s only 72 gram(w/o string). It’s very good for playing double. I can tell my response is faster when using this racket. I’m planning to buy another as backup. Also it is very well protected in the shipping package. X

9. Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket

Victor sport thruster F is a good combination of the integrated square – head frame and highly anti-torsion slim shaft. Its smart weight distribution and resilient shaft make it easier to serve and control also provide more powerful and effective attacks.

victor thruster F badmiton racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size : 4u/G5
  • Frame: H.M Graphite + PYROFIL + hard cored
  • String Tension Lbs: ≦ 31 lbs (14Kg)
  • Shaft: H.M Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 SHAFT

Customer Reviews: No customer reviewed this product. but according to its performance it will be good for beginners or intermediate.

10. Li Ning N9 II Badminton Racket

Li Ling N9 II badminton is purely built for professional only. This is the most expensive badminton racket of Li ling badminton racket. This racket belongs to pro master series of badminton racket. This is head heavy badminton racket with turbo charging technology which gives you best professional performance.

Li ling N9 II Badminron Racket

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  • Weight / Grip Size: 76g / S1
  • Frame: Dynamic Optimum
  • Shape: Isometric
  • Flex: Soft

Customer Review: No customer reviewed this product. but according to its performance it will be good for only professional players.

#Top Expensive Badminton Rackets

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionPrice
1.LI-NING 3D N90 Badminton Racket Provides player with 3 percent swing energy to achieve higher repulsion power and increases shuttle speed by 3.5 percent and bio inner cone. Check Price
2.Yonex Nanoflare 700 Badminton Racquet This racket is for intermediate to advanced players looking to command the rally with maximum speed and effortless force, from a headlight racket. Check Price
3.Yonex Muscle Power 7 Badminton RacketThis racket is most sold racket in Muscle power series. if you intermediate then this racket is perfect for you. Check Price
4.Yonex Astrox 77 New Badminton Racket Lead the attack with increased power and control! Yonex New Racket Astrox 77 is outstanding. It has power and stability. It is also very user friendly! Check Price
5.Yonex Nanoflare800 Professional Badminton Racket This racket delivers lightning fast play thanks to a new Razor Frame and thin shaft so you can cut through the air quickly. Check Price

These are Top 5 expensive badminton rackets available on amazon. If you are professional players these rackets might help you in increasing your performance.

#Best Badminton Racket under 100

S.NoProduct NameDescriptionPrice
1.Yonex Astrox FB Overwhelm the opposition with the fast and powerful ASTROX. For players who demand a steep angled and devastating smash, taking the point to their opponent. Check Price
2.Yonex Muscle Series A unique frame construction integrates the frame and string like no other racquet. For players who seek fast movement and effortless power with an easy feel. Check Price
3.Yonex Nanoray 7000I A versatile and powerful model designed for all-around play. Check Price
4.Yonex Carbonex 8000 plusFor players who seek a solid feel from the strings at impact. At impact, Elastic Ti resists deformation, stretching then recovering its shape quickly to launch accurate shots with the full energy of the swing. Check Price
5.Yonex Nanoray 6000i Yonex Nanoscience achieves precise control over racquet functions at the molecular level, creating ultra-lightweight racquets that are thinner, stronger and more stable for maximum power and speed from swing energy. Check Price

Above Badminton rackets are top reviewed products under 100usd on Amazon. These are best for beginners and intermediate players.

#How To Choose Perfect Badminton Racket

You may have many question or you might confusing how to choose best badminton according to your game play ? Given Below are four basic things you can check before buying your perfect racket.

Weight Of Racket: Before buying any badminton racket you must check its weight as weight of badminton racket is usually denoted by capital “U”. Like 4U = 80-84g, 3U = 85-89g, 2U=90-94g, 1U = 95-100g. I suggest you to choose racket whose weight is between 80g to 100g for meter performance.

Balance Point Of Racket: After weight of racket, Second main point is Balance of Badminton racket or In simple words, where is weight of racket larger located. If you wanna check the balance of your badminton racket place your finger in a middle of racket to see which way it tilts fast.

There are 3 categories of balance of racket.

  • Head-heavy Balance: When the racket is heavy from heavy it is helpful for rallies and make easier for playing from back court.
  • Head-light Balance: This racket has less weight from the head side which helps in quick response from under neat and also in front court.
  • Even Balance: As you can understood by its name that it has equal weight on both side. This weight is good for beginners and also for some intermediate players who players even balance.

String Tension: If you wanna test your badminton racket string tension then place your palm on string and press with force if its depth sunk into 1mm then its good tension for players. Make sure you choose string tension according to your weather higher racket tension is good for tropical region as string tent to expand in hotter places.

Hand Grip: Grip is also a main factor in badminton rackets. As handle to racket is made of wooden piece which are sometime not get comfortable for many peoples in choice of hand grip like Synthetic or woolen, Which make racket easy to handle.

There are many other small factor which you can release after reviewing different products.


Above all badminton rackets are most reviewed on Amazon. As a badminton player, I love to play and buy the latest badminton rackets and accessories. I suggest all these Badminton rackets for better performance in your game play.

If you are professional then you must go for Yonex Badminton Rackets because many international and top level players trust Yonex. There are many other  brands like li Ning, Victor but i prefer only Yonex. For more badminton product reviews stay connected. For suggestions and more information use contact us page.

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